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Court Martial Defense

Experienced Maryland Court Martial Lawyer

When military personnel commit an action that violates the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), they can be charged and called to face a military court known as a court martial. While there are some similarities between state court and a court martial, the two procedures are also markedly different in a number of ways. The UCMJ outlines its own set of criminal laws that differ from state and federal statutes. In most cases of a court martial, military personnel are allowed to retain representation of a civilian lawyer, but it takes more than an average criminal defense lawyer to properly handle a court martial.

At Matthews, Owens and Associates, LLC, we are well-versed in the procedures and laws that govern a court martial. Attorney Joseph M. Owens is not only an aggressive, incisive Maryland court marital lawyer, but is also a highly decorated service member. He's familiar with the gravity and atmosphere courts martial can have and is ready protect your rights today.

Civilian Trial vs Court Martial

The ways in which a court martial can differ from a civilian state or federal trial are significant. It takes a deft hand to navigate these differences so that they do not hamper the accused's case.

Ways in which courts-martial differ from civilian trials include:

  • Jury selection and composition
  • Crime classification under the UCMJ
  • Jury Verdicts
  • Plea bargains and the appeals process

Mishandling of any of these factors reflects poorly on the defendant's case and could even lead to contempt findings and further penalties. If the accused does elect to seek civilian counsel, it is absolutely crucial they employ one with significant military law experience.

We're Ready to Hear Your Case

Guilty verdicts in a court martial can result in a marred military record, a dishonorable discharge, and prison time. If you or a loved one are facing military charges, then an extensively experienced and prepared lawyer can give your case the critical edge to arrive at the best possible outcome. Don't hesitate to contact Matthews, Owens and Associates, LLC to speak with a proven Maryland court marital attorney today!

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