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Baltimore Post-Conviction Relief Attorney

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If you’ve been convicted of a crime and are currently serving a sentence, there are still options available to have your case reexamined – even after an unsuccessful appeal attempt. The post-conviction relief process can result in a conviction reversal, a brand new trial, and a reduction in sentencing.

Because of the inherent complexities found in post-conviction relief, you need a legal professional on your side who has a thorough understanding of the system and its nuances. At Matthews, Owens & Associates, LLC, our attorneys have more than 14 years of experience protecting the rights and futures of individuals facing criminal charges. At our firm, you can trust we’re available around the clock to address your needs and concerns.

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Who can file for post-conviction relief?

In order to qualify for post-conviction relief, you must be currently serving a sentence or be on parole as a result of a conviction. It’s important to note that you must file for relief within 10 years after your sentencing date. If you fail to adhere to this deadline, you may be giving up your chance to apply.

Steps for post-conviction relief include:

  • Re-investigating transcripts, files, and evidence related to your case
  • Filing a formal petition which gives reason as to why you are seeking post-conviction relief
  • Holding an evidentiary hearing to present evidence and witnesses to help your case.

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Applying for post-conviction relief means having a chance at a fresh start, and our Baltimore post-conviction relief attorney is proud to help you through the process. When you come to our firm, you don’t have to question your choice in representation – we have the skill, passion, and experience to protect your rights.

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