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Domestic Violence in Maryland

Counsel from a Compassionate Baltimore Family Law Attorney

Few things can be as upsetting or damaging to a family as domestic violence. When domestic violence occurs, a family can be traumatized and adults can not only face criminal charges, but even lose their rights as parents. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or have been the victim of it, it is crucial that you seek proven legal counsel immediately.

At Matthews, Owens and Associates, LLC, we bring a comprehensive approach to domestic violence matters that few firms can provide. While we are dedicated Baltimore family lawyers who are ready to exhaust every avenue to protect a family's interests, we are also experienced in criminal law and bring that discipline to navigating these extremely sensitive and urgent matters.

Get the tough and effective representation you and your family deserve. Contact us at Matthews, Owens and Associates, LLC today.

What is "Domestic Violence?"

Most people think of physical confrontations between spouses or partners when they think of domestic violence, but the truth is that, legally, the definition is much broader. Domestic violence can constitute physical abuse or—in some cases—emotional or mental abuse.

The following can be considered domestic abuse in Maryland:

  • Spousal/partner abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Intimidation and/or threats
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Confinement against one's will
  • Isolation against one's will

The Urgent Support You Need

In family law matters that involve instances of domestic violence, our team is well-versed in taking measures to protect family members at risk. This can include filing for a protective order, ensuring that child services becomes involved, or emphatically putting forth to a judge the danger posed to you and your loved ones. Conversely, if you have been accused with domestic violence, our team can help you ensure that your rights are protected and that the charges against you are property navigated in both family court and in criminal court.

No matter your domestic violence issue may entail, our firm is ready to provide the support and solutions needed to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact us for free and confidential consultation today.